Loris Bertolacci has grown up with an appreciation of sport and fitness, pumping through his veins. Ever since Loris was a boy the influence and love of sport passed on by his father George was an enduring one. The secret of success in sport would become a life long ambition.

High performance coaching in Australia at the highest level is a family affair. Loris’ sister is an elite netball coach at national level with the Aerials, while his brother in law is the Australian Track & Field throws coach. Loris’ daughter Lauren is currently representing Australia in Women’s Volleyball.

While completing studies in Human Movement, Loris was one of the first Australian Athletes to be awarded a scholarship to the Institute of Sport in Canberra. He is a national hammer throw champion and has represented Australia on the international athletic stage.

Loris began coaching athletes in many different sports, a career move that has resulted in the birth of many great sporting careers in Australia many of whom have become household names. He has been able to produce champions in individual sports as well as team sports at the highest level. Loris has been credited with the careful planning, training and development of the now famous group of elite AFL stars known as the “baby bombers”. Some of the footballers in this group included James Hird, Matthew Loyd, Scott Lucas, Steve Alessio, Mark Mercuri, Joe Misiti.

Loris Bertolacci has lectured extensively throughout Australia on the practical and theoretical aspects of physical conditioning and has been involved in AFL football at the highest level over the past 20 years. Many current day Physical conditioning coaches involved in the AFL have done their training or worked under Loris at various clubs he has been involved with.

Loris has founded LABSPORTS, a business dedicated to evidence based approach to Elite Sports Training and Development for kids.


Geelong Fitness & Conditioning coach 1999-2006
Essendon Strength & Conditioning coach 1987-93, Fitness Co-ordinator 1995-98

Fitness co-ordinator 1994

Western Bulldogs
July 2006- (Consultant)
Consultancy on Bulldogs 5 ACL injuries in 2006 and also produced reports on speed and strength programs. General consultancy on fitness.


Fitness Coordinator with Green Gully Soccer Club. August 2006- Team made the finals in Victorian Vodafone Premier League.


Between 1983-1986, coaching sprinters and jumpers to national junior titles and also to national sprint level, including George Andrea 10.3s 100m finalist in 100m nationals, and Lainie Harrison, Australian Long Jump champion.

Between 1977 and 1990, co-coached with his father a large squad of junior track and field athletes and led them to national and state titles. This group included discus thrower Paul Nandapi, with six Australian titles and two Commonwealth medals.

Others coached include Adam Basil (Australian rep. in the 100m) and Simon Mollica (Victorian triple jump champion).


From the late 1980’s to 1994, assisted Michael Baroch with the physical preparation of all his squads, and other tennis players.

Currently Fitness & Conditioning coach to Maria Mirkovik - No. 1 ranked Junior 2006


Currently assisting the National Women’s Volleyball Program with Fitness & Conditioning

Loris’ daughter, Lauren is a current member of the Australian Women’s Volleyball team.


Assisted Brendan Joyce and other Westside basketballers.
Assisted a number of players with their conditioning programs - some, of which progressed to international contracts
Consultant with Ariels State League Netball Team
Consultant for MD Health Physiotherapy, May 2006-
Coached junior weight lifters and power lifters
Managed St. Albans Leisure centre and Broadmeadows Council Gyms, writing many programs, and assisting many elite athletes from various sports.
Ex Teacher and Qualified in Sports Science at a Post Graduate Level.