Hamstring Injury Articles

Hamstring Rehabilitation and Running Programs
The biggest mistake with hamstring running programs is to have more than a 10% increase in speed from running session to session. Whatever the method you use, it is critical that you progress evenly from session to session.

Hamstring Rehabilitation and Healing
One area that seems to cause problems is athletes working too intensely too soon after a muscle injury is diagnosed and taking gambles. Jarvinen's review emphasizes the need for 3 days immobilization to allow healing as a critical phase.

Hamstring Injuries in the AFL
Hamstrings are the biggest cause of injury in the AFL. The game goes for 120 minutes and has 4 breaks. They will start warming up at 1.20 for a 2.10 game and then rest before running out. Then 1/4 time/1/2 time and 3/4 time. Game finishes at almost 5pm!
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