A Sports Development Program Guaranteed to Improve Your Child's Athletic Potential by LABSPORTS

Give your child the competitive edge no matter what sport. Improve your child's athletic ability. This program by LABSPORTS will focus on all points of athletic development and your child will see improvement in Speed, Flexibility, Power, Endurance, Strength, Balance/Coordination, Agility and Mobility.

This is a scientifically designed program for improving performance. It has been developed by a proven High Performance Conditioning coach who has had 30 years experience in the AFL, track and Field, and a large variety of other sports.

Your child with the assessed with pre and post fitness, technique and core tests. You will be able to follow your child's development throughout the program.

This particular program is targeting 12-15 year olds and is recommended to children in all sports that involve twisting, running, jumping and turning. All other ages are welcome.

If you would like to hear more about the program, or would like to express interest, please fill out the contact form here.

Don't miss out, maximum of 15 per group. Program will start with testing late December, and run through January. It will be held Tuesday and Thursday nights and on Sunday. It will be run at Thomastown Five Star Gym, and various venues around the Northern Suburbs. A holiday program is also in the making, and will be run during the day.

For details please fill out the form in the Contact area.