Have your athletes tested professionally, track them accurately and compare them to elite levels. LABSPORTS will come out to your club or school.
  • Latest Equipment and Protocols
  • Basic sports testing protocol for schools and children
  • Tailored specific testing available for all sports and athletes
  • Testing available to all ages and levels
  • Ability to track athletes accurately and compare them to elite levels
  • Once off testing or continual tracking of athletes available
  • Detailed analysis of Core Strength
Tests that are offered in the basic protocol include
  • 5/10/20m speed test (using speed gates)
  • Vertec vertical jump test
  • 5-0-5 Change of Direction (Agility) Test
  • Yo Yo Intermittent test
  • Medicine ball throw test
  • Core Tests, detailed analysis from digital stills
  • Dynamic Stability Rating, detailed analysis from digital stills
Many sports have specific needs. LABSPORTS will tailor the testing protocol to suit all sports, ages and levels.

Once the test protocol is set we can track your athletes through a season, giving you detailed analysis on their progress and development.

Your athletes/ children go through important developmental periods and you are able to track them accurately and measure their progress during these times.

Testing is done professionally and the analysis is insightful and useful for developing training programs for your athletes.

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